• chinu27 19w

    Dedicated to the one who left me a few days ago, for the heaven up there.

    I will always miss you Kirti❤

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    Was it ever easy to let you go?
    Even when I knew I couldn't change the destiny,
    even when I knew death is inevitable,
    even when I knew you had to go,
    It still hurt a lot.

    The moments we spent together,
    the dreams we saw together,
    the warmth of our relationship,
    everything felt like fading away.

    I couldn't stop it,
    even if I wanted to.
    Time would be so rude to me,
    despite of being a healer,
    I never thought all of this would ever be.

    But our memories,
    where I can feel you, where I live with you,
    is all that I have now.
    Even if the clouds covered the sun,
    I know they won't affect our garden of friendship.
    I know, it will always remain true,
    it will always remain alive......