• for_my_unicorn 48w

    For my beautiful angel urf unicorn,

    When I first saw your text on WhatsApp, when you shared the heartbreaking news with me, I was shaking with uncontrollable tears. You have been and would always be a sister, a wonderful friend to me and seeing your close one go through such hefty lose and still not being able to do something to reduce their pain because you are too far away from them is a type of pain for which I can't form words.

    In this hustle of pushing each other away so that one could reach their destiny which isn't their destiny, you are the angel sitting on the bench by the lamp looking at everything unfold before you with serene aura and calmness in her bones. You are the type of person which makes others crave the aura you hold, which makes other question the rat-race life they have been living. You have an influence which the world, which the universe needs. You are one of those angels whom God sends to earth as an eye-opening reality. You look like a replica of all the kind goddesses and revolutionary women I have read about.

    You inspire me and so many people in ways which you don't realise but I want you to realise. I want you to stop and remember all those times when you made your family and all those people close to you proud about being able to have a person like you in their lives. My strong strong unicorn. This world needs you, your family needs you, the people close to you need you, I need you. You are one of those people whom I know would step out of all the pain and would set up an example amongst others that one could still be strong, that one could still establish their life, that one could still have hope within their bones even after suffering a pain which no hope note can reduce.

    I love you.

    Yours miss kindness

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