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    I thought not to write something soon,
    then YOU happened;
    I was going through a tough time,
    then YOU happened;
    I always wondered what is so
    fascinating about not existing?
    But then YOU happened.

    I have never known YOU
    but YOU stole my peace.

    While YOU were there
    unaware of the consequences,
    your whereabouts went missing.

    I always thought about easing the knots,
    releasing all the pain,
    giving myself away to an eternal void,
    but only until I came across the people who love me, and also the people who loved YOU.

    I can see your family in your backyard,
    trying their best to keep YOU with them, wanting YOU back.
    They all are ready to get away with YOU,
    only if that was in their hands.
    Knowing that ain't gonna happen they'd now only be surviving in a world YOU created for them where YOU don't exist.

    YOU left for the people, who weren't even yours.

    It's strange, how I didn't know YOU until you're not around anymore.

    I can see your flesh going with the flow,
    not caring about what others would do,
    not caring about a last goodbye,
    not caring about what you're leaving behind,
    or taking away.

    See, what you've become,
    a bitter-sweet memory?
    No! A haunting one, to be precise,
    that would cling on to those who loved YOU,
    until their last breath.

    I wish, YOU could take away the endless sufferings from these people.

    Did YOU just want to know,
    who would actually grieve and mourn for YOU?
    Who would care, even after YOU decided not to?
    See, there are enough of them, right in front of my eyes. Now what?


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    Narration inspired by the Netflix series "YOU"

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