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    One day it just clicks..
    That soon you will be gone from this world, you will no longer be a part of happy hours and you won't be able to lend your shoulders when somebody cries someday. You realize nothing stays forever and you're running out of time. There's so much still to achieve ,to dream,to live.
    You remember for how long you have been chasing it all and have never looked back at the people who started this journey with you. You never took a long breath even...
    So before it all happens just stop for a while and cherish all happy, sad moments, smile, cry, dance, eat, sleep, repeat before that day knocks you out.
    If you ever get a chance to spread kindness, to bring smiles, to simply take a stand for someone
    just do that. Just simply do that right now. Don't wait for best time,best opportunity cause life keeps on going. You have no idea how others are suffering silently, your one step together could help them find their destination. Little things do matters..