• lady_speaks 20w

    _September 4,2021_


    "Prepare yourself",momma said,
    "Cause there's a long road ahead!"
    "You'll walk a million miles to reach the end!"
    "Where there is no really end!"

    Wonder what she meant,
    I tried to ask questions for what she intents,
    But momma just smiled,opened the curtains,
    Then I saw what she meant,I tried to rein.

    Never a delusion,for behind the curtains was tomorrow,
    It's true that there's a deep sea but shallow.
    It's really a big concrete jungle out there,
    So much different from what I imagined here.

    There are times that it will rain stones,
    But some days are more likely to be hones,
    The curtains of tomorrow is really cruel,
    People cries it a river just to have jewel.

    I knew that the whole world will stare at me,
    When I finally take a first step towards my journey,
    They'll look up when I'm as tall as the trees,
    And laugh when I fall because of the wind breeze.

    I looked at momma but again she smiled,
    She hugs me,saying everything's gonna be alright,
    It may be true that when the curtains open,
    Cruel reality appears that we don't want to happen.

    But just follow the dance of the wind,
    Face the stones that tomorrow will grind,
    It's not always impossible to solve a hard puzzle,
    You may try and fall but be strong and stand tall.

    Curtains of tomorrow is just the introduction,
    Of your life ahead,stop the assumption,
    Trying and falling may be your prologue,
    But if you stand again, Success will be your Epilogue.



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