• baddiexmegh 161w

    You’re a bad idea but, love, I like bad ideas
    For, they yield good memories

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    D I S E N T H R A L L
    (set free)

    Our eyes meet
    And I look away
    If I don’t
    I might stay
    All eternity, holding your hand
    Chest to chest, within your arms
    Breathing in your cologne
    Feeding upon your stolen kisses

    You kiss me whenever
    Say you’d stay with me forever
    Trust me, I’ve seen lies before
    And I know how sweet and
    Appeasing they seem to be
    And you, my darling,
    Are the sweetest lie I’ve ever tasted

    You get wasted and come home to me
    Say things you’d forget once you were sober
    The very fact, it does bother me bad
    Still, I tuck you in bed
    And utter an I love you
    With a kiss on your forehead
    You are everything that
    I’ve promised myself to stay away from
    The whiff of cigar filling my lungs
    Whenever you came close
    Your sweatshirts which I always wore,
    Reeking of whiskey and rum
    It’s taste intoxicating me
    Whenever you pressed your lips onto mine

    I’ve promised myself, you see
    To stay away from all things that scream ‘you’
    But, the day I saw you,
    Frozen, I held my breath
    I didn’t care if I was shivering
    Beneath your cold stare
    I didn’t care if I was hurting
    Instead of stitching up
    I always knew
    That I would be drawn to you
    For, I’d always end up drawn to storms
    Rather than sunsets
    Veracious and murky cemeteries
    Suffused with truths and tears
    Rather than lecherous rotten gatherings

    You’ve now become engraved on my heart
    A part of me too painful to lose
    I always knew that you were a bad leap
    Oh boy, if only you knew
    How much I loved to stand out
    To be the black among whites
    The cream swirling into galaxies within the black coffee
    The writer among aspiring doctors
    The wild wolf among the tamed

    Oh trust me, you weren’t enough for me
    You were definitely more
    More than I could encompass
    Now, I take no more
    I’ve grown too cold to feel you
    Too numb to say that I love you
    Too broken to fix your jar of regrets
    Including me, of course
    I bid goodbye and just so you know,
    Here lies our fickle tale
    Written in my journal, in my blood
    Embedded with painful silences
    The words jarred betwixt love’s faint whispers
    Us, hurting too much to stay
    And too broken to leave
    And we used to call it love
    Alright, so be it.

    Maybe, it was love.