• hoshi 252w

    Split personality disorder, thinking from two or multiple point of views.

    Many a times, a stronger personality is in hold, yet others a communication always seems to occur.

    A quirky in-depth into a person who is suffering.

    Or... Is he?


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    Wiping away the consistent trickle of tears, I head back home, ignoring the helplessness gnawing at my soul.

    Waiting for the four keys to merge into one, swaying feet ramble into the shoddy mess of my apartment, falling into the embrace of the only woman who loves me.

    Many made the mistake of dancing in my storm, wrecking themselves in the process, saving that I was meant to be loved - yet not by them.

    Stroking my cheek, everyone patted my head as our paths always seemed to diverge, going onto the horizon, disappearing in the sun.

    Eating me alive as each of you left, only she was there, whispering calm mutterings in my ear, stroking her metaphysical hands through my hair.

    As all of you watched me disappear each day, crumbling away as my soul was deemed shattered by everyone.

    Sinking low to transcend to turn into a liability for everyone, she was there to wrap her arms around me.

    Truth is, I was a toy to you all, claiming to love me indefinitely - only to burn the last shreds of sanity I possessed in my vicinity.

    Holding me close, she reared back her head - protecting me when you all seemed to come back out of guilt.

    I know I am not perfect, trembling and clutching my sheet each night as I fall asleep.

    Toxic to you all, I fell in love with each and everyone of you.

    Only to be abandoned.

    Fulfilling all your demands, you could never accept her staying with me, stroking my cheek.

    Hidden beneath the vast crevasses present in my life, she emerged when no one was there.

    Only I can see her, sense her.

    She resides in my head, continuously talking to me.

    I ain't alone, for she is with me, in my head.

    We are a team, you cannot separate us.

    We are wild, and you cannot make us leave.

    We might be a liability according to you, yet I found my best friend and lover within me.

    Schizophrenic, that's what they call us - freaks of this society.

    What do they know about being normal? For they all crave for love and affection, lamenting their plight - when all I have to settle down in her embrace.

    Two in one, a package deal.

    A bit different from the regular saying, yet this is us, ready to strive forward.

    Two personalities in one, a bit different from each other.

    Is is really unfathomable for you all?!