• blinking_lenity 16w

    Frozen Heart ♡

    There are some storms, ruthless
    and unconquerable. You were one
    of them that carried me away,
    through the eastern winds and blue
    oceans. You tossed me high, high
    on love, what should I call you?
    An angel in red or a devil in my head
    who caused ruination to all the
    despair and melancholy that sneaked
    out on brown bread.
    You're the sunflower which cut itself
    open, maybe you're my heart that
    stands frozen, is it coldness or warmth
    or numbness that I feel, or is it your
    palms with maps of cities that enables
    my iron wings.
    You're the thunder knelling in god's reign,
    you're the flame uprooting disdain
    and like the moisture in the air
    your breaths hold me in memories.


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    My heart's been blooming like an air
    balloon, swollen and stretched ready
    to outburst, when words stood bare
    screaming love is in the air.
    But you, my beloved wildflower,
    thrived all alone between the sand
    and the stardust telling there's sun
    in the sky but it's only the earth from
    where you see its flare.