• _sahista_ 24w

    Unexpectedly you entered into my life,
    Without any permission broken all barriers of my heart,
    With a wild ride shaken my world,
    Now I am getting addicted,
    To all this fun...

    I would be lying,
    If I say I do not think of us,
    Together in the future...

    The way you intentionally annoy me,
    And treat me like a doll,
    Is the thing I prayed to get,
    From my partner with whom I behave crazy,
    With no judgmental thoughts...

    I would be lying,
    If I say that I do not watch you,
    When you sleep at night or you are busy in some work...

    It's just that life has become colour ful,
    After your arrival,
    And I am enjoying,
    Every bit & pieces of it,
    With smiles & giggles,
    Which is a gift from you the duffer,
    To whom I love to the moon and back,

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