• carrie09 85w

    (On her motherhood)


    //A woman is blessed with a gift of miracle by the Almighty to give birth and the lineage of mankind lives forever ,the essence of life belongs to a mother and hers to life.//

    She carry her weight with pride in her eyes
    Mantle of sunshine shrouds on her steps
    Milk on her breast mounting her grace
    Perfume of lavender drench on her face

    At the threshold of winter
    Welkin spreads snow white clouds
    She captures the metamorphic
    of the crescent moon
    Signs of conception shines on her breathes
    She shout in joy "I am blessed "

    Betwix the solstice on hot summer sun
    When days of June are longer than nights
    She weave in hues garments of dreams
    winged Butterflies adorn in pinks
    On Silk of skeins whilst she sings
    Little angels in heaven dancing.

    Harvest moon embellish the sky
    on forty weeks of sweet expectations
    Pain of arrival simmers on her belly
    Sudors pouring on her forehead
    she enters the realm to create the lineage

    A lone battle she struggled
    The angels pouring strength on her
    her bundle of joy travels on silk thread
    from the darkness of womb
    to the world of light
    She won the fight
    She holds her prize
    And singing in praise she claims
    "hallelujah! Sweet child you belong to me "
    whilst the empyrean rings in jubilantly.

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