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    Seems I can't keep myself away for long.Sorry to have said goodbye.✨✨��
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    Thank you so much @miraquill for EC 12 ❤️❤️✨
    Thank you for this welcome back����

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    I am Learning to....

    Looking up at blues in the sky,
    I am learning to fall for myself,
    Learning to fill my uninhabited pages,
    Learning to stain my unsoiled heart,
    Learning to paint plain woven canvas,
    Learning to follow far off doubtful purpose.

    Looking down on solid ground,
    I am learning to be convinced
    that I am safe and living.
    Learning to root deep with myself,
    Learning to walk parallel to the
    forces of gravity,
    Learning to cover distances.

    Looking at mirror,
    I am learning to forgive myself,
    just the way sky does after every rain
    and ground does after every hurricane.