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    hi there people.


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    it's easier to look
    at the infinities
    of promises, with
    endless regrets
    & brokeness
    of 99 pasts.
    drowned in the
    yesterday's red
    slipping from the
    blue bar shelves.
    seeking love.
    seeking affection
    from some people
    outside of my
    little home.

    i listen to my maa
    and she says
    of the collapsing
    feelings she has had
    when adding to
    her new life
    with papa.
    of mistakes
    he made and
    sorrys she left
    of fights
    they did never
    they meet
    once in a week
    to check on me.
    not on my
    broken heart.

    a torn letter.
    i read.
    lying in yellows
    and pinks
    at the corner
    of two walls.
    rolled up
    into mess
    of joined
    3 pieces.
    it smelled
    of tears and
    heavy eyes.
    sounded a cry
    for the long
    friend and
    a wish to

    in among
    all the people
    who wait
    for love. and
    others who
    just let it
    go. some who
    cover their
    face because
    they couldn't
    hold on.

    i'm a
    part of
    them all.
    i'm a
    part of
    them all.

    of people i've
    and people
    i've lost.
    love i don't get
    and love i
    give off.
    smiles i held
    on the cheeks
    & cries i let

    i'm okay i say.
    i'm okay
    for me.

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