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    10 Sept 2021 3.13 pm

    I wanted to try ಥ_ಥ
    It's a TOMB which I intended to resemble shape of a CAGE

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    ⚘// To Rest in Peace

    ing heart 
    ~ ensnared ~
    within the bars of time
    only to succumb to the walls of
    ed,↑ ↓ the
    free tomb
    last ston
    //At -e//
    Miles of skeletoned sin buried in this vastness.
    To find a piece of rock and dig a six feet tall pit
    itself is a trouvaille. And the specks of life/lifel
    -ess reunite with the earthly dust. Only for the s
    -till alives to stick a label on the ground in bolds.
    || ||
    || REST IN PEACE ||
    || ||
    Do they really rest in peace ? Do the wind not ti
    ckle tombs ? Then again the poet ponders over
    the necessity of a roof for the disintegrated bon 
    -ehouses. Or else the dead meat would still beco
    -me the prey of vultures. Even corpse-butterflies
    feed on sinful blood and flesh without remorse.
    Do they not deserve a fr
    -ee glimpse of the sky fi
    -nally ? Do t hey really ne
    -ed to be hid -den again, i
    -nspite of hi -ding behind
    masks while being alive ?
    Where is rest in the midst of eerie creepy howls
    etching nightmares on feeble minds ? Where is p
    -eace, amongst the wandering souls who lost ke
    -ys to the promised heaven (or hell) only to be tr-
    -apped in foggy realm of light veils n darkcloaks?
    The poet never found peace in an ounce of pain alive, will death
    bestow a bouquet of solace in the grave of lexicons ? Maybe the
    the poet should purge the pain in the embers of burning dreams
    To dissolve in the air of forlorn and embrace the skies of freedom

    ⚘...at last...⚘