• thelostpsyche 210w

    I've visited beautiful destinations
    And celebrated stillness of time.
    But my heart kept running.

    Roads have been turned into refuge to adjourn
    Diverging lanes have dumped turmoils of emotions
    But my heart kept mapping journey, one after another.

    Shaded from sunburns
    And gaurded from the shadows.
    My heart holds the pace in storms and rains.

    Middle of the extreme glees and
    unbearable agonies
    When all it needs is peace.
    Veiled from true and false
    When rights seem all wrong
    A place ever known as home
    Where heart rests to stop.

    Sometimes it's the beautiful morning sight,
    sometimes it's the beautiful stirring song
    Or sometimes it's the beautiful thrilled poetry
    Where heart resides.
    And luckily and rarely, it's the most beautiful person
    Where heart beats in.
    Where heart feels home.


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    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Reaching exactly from
    where did I started
    is never I want.
    I am just lost,
    my heart to be home.