• thewordplayer 72w

    Without you,
    Even the dawn isn't as bright as it used to be
    the birds of my fate just want to flee
    I might look solid every time you see,
    But from inside I am just another soulless tree .

    Without you,
    This ink of mine just fades away,
    Cause no words I write can ever say
    How bad i wanted you to stay,
    Or how much I regret everyday.

    Without you,
    The smile I put on is just so fake,
    Because questions from people I can no more take,
    Now in the deepest of nights I stay awake,
    left vulnerable to all those ache .

    I am so tired of being a wanderer and just roam
    I cannot go to where I am from,
    Cause my dear, without you
    That house of mine, doesn't feel like home.

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