• bellemoon99 19w

    River lullaby from The Prince of Egypt and Dear Rabbit by The herectics are the inspiration for this poem.

    #song #wod

    The gelid currents of wind seem warm compared to the frozen sensation within my core.

    Our tears melancolic snowflakes escaping this prison we can never leave.

    My beloved, why must our love turn into so much anguish? Our kisses, our tender embrace, all of them just golden dust in the morning wind.

    Hold me, allow our flames to set this cruel world on fire. May it burn to a crisp like our home did. May the ashes be the ground for a new life.

    Oh, but it shall never be how we wished under the twinkling stars. They are fading, dying in front of our very eyes.

    This merry song is now a dirge floating above the sleeping world like a lost ghost. Can you hear me? I am merely echoes of our past.

    Listen to my last lullaby, turn it into a boat we may sail in. As the arrows fall upon our tangled limbs, we will say goodbye to our forever.

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    Farewell, farewell pure love.