• anshikainks 25w

    ������������ �������� ���� ��������,

    The inconsistency of my fingertips to row
    The oars of parentless grounds and
    Groundless waters , leaks vicissitudes of
    Capabilities as dry oceans down my
    Sterile cheeks ,

    Contrasting the potential of tides and dams
    To knit and sew man's livelihood
    on the palms of its routines ,
    The translucent seas of my eyes,
    Are but an opaqueness to the artistic world
    Of poets and painters ,

    Jejune and artless imaginations
    that are parasites on the woody boats ,
    Hoard the" tongue of my cerebrum"
    Where the futile batteries fuel
    Candid metaphors into seduction
    To rain ,
    "������������ �������� ���� ��������!"
    -Anshika Mahajan ��

    #ocean #wod #pod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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