• rohant 19w

    The happy guy

    It all began when I was just 10
    There's a lot of pain, but no outlet
    My childhood filled with fear and dread,
    Just as the life of killer co-ed.
    I thought I'd forget, if I didn't just
    talk about it.
    But I remember it like it was yesterday.

    I keep myself calm just as the sea
    But deep inside me; I know he is in there.
    Cruel, heartless , inhumane creature
    Who has an insatiable desire for blood
    Just as eternal as the circle.
    And he had complete control and dominance
    Over my life.
    He left me no choice, no escape,no outlet.
    I camouflage myself so well
    That they say I wouldn't hurt a fly
    And I feel proud to say , I'm that one
    Simple, shy and the happy guy.