• shrry_hurry 110w


    Sharpening my pencil, look where it led/lead me to..

    I'm imploding, exploding, self loathing, screaming my heads out restraining like it's nothing.
    There ain't no timeliness when I'm timeless.
    There used to be a time when I was the glow in the dark.
    Now all I can feel is a tortured heart.
    Tormented like a chew toy but pretending like the dog that just destroyed it heavenly.
    Cmn...... Everything will be alright is the song I often think of and hit it again slowly.

    Quarantined before even anyone can relate to, Man these fucking walls mimic and humor me that I look awkward and it goes" beat it fella just like everything, you're also just an earthward".
    Time to time, my inward anagrams do tells me that I'm sick like a cold: Anyone reading this, even you could get it;

    But what about all them motivation?
    Well.. I fuck on the planes cuz I don't feel up.
    The fuck I meant? 
    I can never add my views to sum it all up.

    I'm dirty whack but positive clean thoughts intervene.
    Liked a tossed coin but being lost in the scheme.
    Ooh ups n downs, seems like an implausible dream.
    Squared brain with triangular thoughts circling inside this rectanglur body.
    Bodied upside down but my thoughts just never shut.
    If this is all an analogy, I got no reaction to it;

    Well yeah, time just picks life. Always does;
    Yaaaay time's the bitch that fucks very soon.
    Reminding, Life's a needle; I'm the whites and the blues mixed with nitrous balloon.

    Ugrhhh let us just kiss <3