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    I see people,
    Posting stuff regarding mental health, after Sushant Singh Rajput's death. (May his soul rest in peace ��) It's sad to hear about it.
    But it's heart breaking to see that, it cost a life for the world to realise that mental health and depression is real.


    People who once treated others like trash, laughed at them for being sensitive, called them "Emotional fools" are today posting stuff regarding mental.

    People who bullied others in schools and colleges, and carried it out even in this lockdown period online.

    People who constantly comment negative stuff on other people's (it may be a soo called friend or celebrity) posts, Even when they don't know them personally. Without knowing how their words would affect them! Are today, posting stuff regarding mental health just coz it is #TRENDING.

    I just want to say, STOP.
    Stop, sit for sometime and ask yourself if any action of yours is affecting anybody around you.

    Change yourself first, make sure you become a good human first. Then, share it to everybody.

    After few days, the Trend will stop.
    People will forget the incident. But, make sure it brings a positive change in your life.


    And remember, It's ok if you are not able to help everybody, but make sure you don't hurt anybody as well.

    MENTAL HEALTH is important,
    It is a vital part of life.
    Not everybody who committed suicide
    knew that they were depressed.
    Not everybody know that the word "DEPRESSION" exists. They feel it but they don't know it's depression. They think they are the only one on the planet who is experiencing it.

    So yes, spreading awareness is important,
    But bringing a change within oneself is the need of the hour.
    As, You know your surroundings better.
    You know what are the problems people around you are facing.
    You know everything. But you ignore them sometimes.

    So I just wanna say, If you know anybody you who is sad , just ask them, talk to them. Because a whatsapp story may not help them. You and your words Can.

    Don't ignore them saying "he/she isn't close to me".

    As, at the end of the day, one good friend, one happy moment can bring a mesmerizing change in life ��

    Thank you ��


    Ps: I poured my heart out, please ignore the mistakes.

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