• eusmaph 158w

    I Will Remember... Forever

    A bunch of flowers rested
    On the white marble top...

    The marble bowed down
    Till it reached the ground...

    Under the marble
    Was sand
    Sand that went down
    Till it hit the hard, cold wood
    Six feet under

    Beyond the cold surface
    He slept without moving an inch

    His eyes that were closed
    Hid the bright green eyes filled with life
    But not anymore

    His hands rested above his heart
    As if holding a promise
    But I felt that they were begging
    Begging for them to beat again

    But my foolish hopes
    Had to be destroyed
    Even if life can be brought back
    Right from the grasp of death
    I know
    He wouldn't budge
    But I hope that one day
    He will open those eyes
    That hide the bright green balls of life

    But who am I kidding
    He embraced death
    To be who he is now
    Oh Friend!
    I will remember... forever
    Till the day I die
    I will remember

    I will remember
    How you died in my arms
    I will remember
    How you bravely embraced death
    Especially when you could dodge it
    I will remember
    How you let death claw through your life slowly
    I will remember
    How your pain disappeared
    As death appeared
    At your doorstep
    I will remember
    How brave you were
    I will remember
    Every second of life that you spent
    In my arms dying
    With a smile
    That radiated life
    I will remember
    Every second of your life
    For they are embedded forever
    In my memories

    Dear friend,
    I will remember you
    I will remember... forever