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    1. Hastags would be a good tool for segregation ON Instagram rather than Mirakee because Instagram has by default 'grid' feature if you search by hashtags. But it won't really be of any use to us, because our content curation isn't gonna be FROM Instagram. We'd definitely use #maybeyoushouldreadapoem and a couple other generic tags below our Insta posts though. So that exposure through hashtags would also be covered.

    2. Mirakee, on the other hand, has the 'list' feature by default if we search by hashtags, and WE CAN'T EVEN CHANGE THAT, WTF. (If we're not mistaken)
    So you can see where we're going with this. Hashtags on Mirakee would be useless for the admins because if we keep scrolling and scrolling to read entries, it won't just be irritating and messy, but also very time-consuming and draining.
    But we know, and we definitely understand if the readers here would want to read the entries. That's why, readers and writers alike, can very well go ahead and use #mayeyoushouldreadapoem, so that it reaches more people within Mirakee.

    But for the curation process for us as admins, we'd request you to be thoughtful and tag us @maybeyoushouldreadapoem
    Only then would we be able to reach the tagged entries.

    We hope this clears it out.

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