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    Its hard to share vulnerability even for me but yeah here it goes.
    Learn to love others freely but let them love with free will.
    - Biju Mariyadas
    I do miss my dad. Its been a year since he's gone.
    He had more talent for life than what I could muster over my whole life, such was his energy! This is why despite everyone enjoyed and wanting his time he put us his family his priority and made sure we felt it. You can't take take anything when you leave but leave behind something . Thus I can proudly say he blessedly left behind a foundation of love that transcends more people than I known ,Be it family, friends, teamates,business associates or even mere acquaintances. He was an amazing gem of a person , a better dad and the best of friends.
    Love ya Acha❤️
    Sorry i couldn't say this more