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    I believe in doing what feels right. What your heart says. If you feel like kissing each other right now, do it, create the right time. Right moment. You want to make love right now? Do it. Live in the moment. Live in the present.
    At times, we should create right time. And not wait for the right time.
    What if the right time arrives at the wrong time? What if it's too late now?

    In case someone is thinking that the guy wasn't really in love with the girl because how can he fell outta love? But consider what if the girl did unintentional things, things which hurt the guy, things which helped him fall outta love with her, things which she thought she was doing because she was waiting for the right time.

    In the end, that's my perception. You can obviously disagree.

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    All this while she waited for the right time to arrive,
    Right time to fall in love with her lover,
    And when it was finally there,
    He was no longer in love with her.