• heartsease 31w

    @mirakee thank you so much for improving me each day, I'll consider this as my Birthday gift ❤️❤️❤️ seventh pod I'm honoured

    Who am I?

    I'm an unfilial vagabond with
    hungry heart and roaming soul
    seeking its unquenched shelter
    under the roof of poetries,
    I'm the fathomable womb of
    my own hope, joy and sorrow
    treasuring etiquettes word by word
    to nourish my hidden dictionaries.

    I'm the harvested remnant of autumn
    plucking smiles from my face
    to bloom into clover of womanhood
    and shred this lethargic skin of
    teenage girl blood by blood,
    I'm a reclusive manual caressing
    my mother's smile and cocooning
    sweat drops from my father's forehead
    making their sleepless nights
    less vulnerable.

    I'm the hidden constellation of metaphors
    adjoining to form a galaxy of deifying poems
    and showering meteors of hard work
    on empty streets of perseverance,
    I'm an ushering storm waiting for
    a shoreline to escort the tripping
    waves of my allegories,
    or a mariner to sail it's boat along
    the thunders of my existence till we
    reach beyond the sunset of memories.

    I'm the rush of wind travelling
    in each direction, to every corner of world
    till one day life blows me to the sky,
    I'm the faded smile of past,
    a beating heart of someone's present,
    and a liberating soul presuming future.

    I'm the traversing galaxy
    tracing my uncertain existence
    on the paths of certain rivalries,
    I'm a mere human who is
    unaware of upcoming tomorrow's
    but still dream of eternities.

    To people who have cherished my heart and nourished my soul forever, who have accepted me the way I am, who stood with me when days were bleak and dark, I'm very thankful to each of them ❤️
    Mirakee you played with me, I'll thank everyone tomorrow still #gratitude #hs_pod #whoamic

    10th June 21
    07:06 pm

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