• harvest_of_mind 88w

    Water symbolises mind.

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    (stress induced) Slumber

    Fluid is my natural state,
    playfulness is my very trait,
    flow keeps me energetic..
    cheerful and sparkling clean.
    As my recklessness is checked,
    as my flow is blocked..
    discipline is enforced,
    or I am forced to rest,
    I get gloomy and stale,
    then loose the zest,
    and grow depressed...
    enter into.. the slumber deepest.

    Re-channelling idea is bright,
    but tougher to do than advised.
    Dammed water may be re-channelled,
    not the recalcitrant mind.
    To make an untamed mind 'still'..
    is indeed a daunting task.
    a still-mind slips into slumber fast.

    Lethargy pulling-in like a quagmire,
    still... i sit in spell-of-stupor,
    knowing well the consequences dire.
    To pull-out of stupor..
    and get energetic again,
    is a struggler's established bane.
    The ideal state of reined energy,
    ready at beck and call..
    is an order.. tallest of tall !!