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    @still_fragile This ones for you Fray!
    I wanted to say that you are very strong and I wish you power in everything.

    @/writersbay I still have one more person to write about XD

    /The words in brackett are from movie Lord of Rings/


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    She is phoenix engulfed in flames,
    the bearer of gladiolus flox. She is
    the spark of ocean pearls, the crown
    of daisies kept hidden in the box.

    She has been a warrior since long,
    fighting to protect her fort. She is
    the song of willows, firefly of hope
    with a bruised heart coerce of gold.

    /You fool. No man can kill me.
    Die. Now.
    'But I am no man'/

    She is walking on black porcelain with
    tulips rising from her veins. She is a
    river for quenching thirst and the
    strength of kingdom that falls in rain.

    She is an angel with tint of madness,
    invites her demons to dance every night.
    She is desperation of dusk and dawn,
    the excitement in its first flight.

    To all the nightmares that have ever
    haunted her, mind your swords because
    she is coming for you for she ain't a
    victim but a survivor.