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    On drifting through the curves of the galaxy,
    Stardust imprints left by you,
    Could brighten my soul,
    Long enough to stay as a star!
    So that with every passing night,
    I could smile at you.
    I'll wait for you to lighten me,
    With an another TWINKLE!

    #twinkle #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    My twinkle..

    Up there in the sky,
    I often look at the infinity!
    In the darkness of night,
    Sitting in the lawn nearby!
    Wondering that I too can shine,
    Like these stars up high;
    That I too can fly,
    Like these firefly.

    Stars twinkling like always.
    But that day was different,
    Not like mine always.
    As I sat below the sky,
    You laid your head-
    On my lap,
    As I looked down
    As our eyes locked.

    I could see the twinkle,
    Not of the stars in the sky,
    But in the infinity of your eyes!
    For a while, of myself,
    And even of the stars and sky,
    I forgot the dreams.
    That I saw, with open eyes
    So also my wish to fly high!

    No dreams; no stars;
    Has ever brought me,
    So much of delight.
    As much as you could, that night!Bewildered between you and my dream,
    I committed to take you along,
    For when I'm the star,
    You're my twinkle, in that sky!