• my_cup_of_poetry 23w

    Someone had once told me that a man in love becomes a woman. If you didn't understand that, maybe try reading again :)

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    where do goddesses reside?

    I often wonder,
    do they reside inside temples
    wearing floral anklets and
    bronze lips or do they breathe
    inside a craftsman workspace
    with clay hands and straw heads?

    do they reside inside ordinary
    women sweating and rushing
    to catch the local trains or do
    they breathe inside women
    smiling and crying on screens?

    do they reside inside mothers
    crushing cumin seeds and ginger
    for lunch or do they breathe inside
    toothless newborns sprawling
    and smiling in maternity wards?

    I often wonder,
    do goddesses reside inside
    everyone or do they breathe
    inside lovers who love too much?