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    A Tail-Rhyme (also known as tailed-rhyme) is a type of poem that begins with either a couplet or a triplet of lines that consist of rhymed lines.

    This set of either a couplet or triplet is then followed by a "tail", which is a fourth line that does not rhyme with the couplet or triplet that preceded it. This tail line tends to be shorter in length than those lines within the couplet or triplet.

    (Source: https://www.poetrysoup.com)

    --Today, write a creative Tail-rhyme poem--

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    Tail-Rhyme poem


    High in the noire and empty skies,
    They blink like broken bulbs.
    Late in the eve when the last bird flies, They shine like diamonds in dirt.

    – Saim Raza