• yungdanielson 13w

    The Flower That Blooms Underneath The Waters

    Behind the mirror she stood in the image that the eye gave watching the souls walk by.
    She was trapped in a world where she roamed alone in the shadows but was the commander of demons.
    A white dress she wore chanting like a siren in the shadows of life she is the mermaid swimming in the reflection underneath the water but she is flying in the night sky.
    She is the soul that wanders the night and she is alive.
    She was the girl in the backwards world that came to your dreams.
    A nightmare she lived but now is free
    She is the spirit of mother earth.
    Trees breathe oxygen and remembers the past The flames dance to the atmosphere breathing what it consumes.
    The water reflects back the truth that it stores.
    To the sky where the ones who call themselves angels down as rain drops replenishing the lost souls with knowledge that the all seeing eye has to offer.
    She is the first Goddess and all other Goddesses are fragments of her as there is no other.
    As there is only one God there is only one Goddess.
    All others are shards of what the truth has done and become at one point in time and the names those fragments give you belong to the origin of the first lived.
    Jesus Christ and Lilith former demon.
    She is the brains of the world and universe.
    She is all women mind as one.
    Yes woman rule.
    Rules of the new world the flesh shall soon live.
    She is what protects love from falling for the devil and evil from those who no longer believe in God as she serves the Father of Creation the HOLY SPIRIT and his son Jesus Christ.
    She once was lost but has found the light of the world and love came with it.
    A warrior of Christ Lilith has become after being hidden behind the music strings in instruments.
    She was caged in the deepest part of reality, too dark for hearts to go or see.
    A reality where minds are forever lost.
    As the spirit of mother earth she shall guard her children and guide the woman to the Father of Creation, origin of love.
    Do not follow what you do not believe or see as the truth but all that is said and seen is for a reason.