• poetrydevil 92w

    I want to murder my notebook
    Just to see if it goes to Heaven or Hell.
    Would an Angel find her sister's Halo
    Broken between the lines?
    Would an Angel find the revisions I made
    With her mother's wings?
    I bet they would judge my taste in women
    But never acknowledge how hard it was
    To swallow.
    I bet they would tear the pages and hear her
    Whisper my name.
    I bet they would see a Piece about her
    Was a piece of me,
    My notebook wouldn't make it past the Judgement...
    I bet it would go to Hell,
    And the Devil would recognize her name
    By the way the cover was crucified.
    I bet he would read it at the next open mic,
    I bet he would plagiarize my writing
    And say he wrote it first.
    I bet he would send it back to me with his revisions
    Just to say we was on the same page...

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    Murder My Notebook