• aaureate 22w

    Are there any answers?


    Is it only me who feels like this or others too?
    Do you want to be everywhere,
    On earth and moon at the same time?

    While chilling on the beach watching the sky and the sea meet,
    Do you miss a vermillion sunset behind the mountain ridge?

    Strolling lazily on the dusty country roads,
    Do you yearn for blazing city lights?

    While dancing under the aureole moonlight
    Do you wish a moonless night once in a while?

    Utterly dispising crawling critters
    Do you ever want to cuddle radiant fire flies?

    While wanting someone tied to you for a lifetime
    Do you also want an unshackled life?

    I am desperate for answers to all my questions
    But it's quite possible that I am fine even without any.