• abhisharda 153w


    Without a doubt,
    the matters will break down.
    You made her an object of curiosity,
    or even a worst foul.

    Your rough hands caressing her body so hard,
    that she couldn’t escape your grasp.
    She was trapped.
    Taunting and pulling her closer to your chest
    she lost herself.

    ‘Calm yourself sweet heart, you’re too tensed! You said.
    She tried to relive herself of your weight
    but her body was paralyzed.
    You ripped off her top and the rest of her clothes.
    She cried through this entire invasion of her life.

    Wanting to run,
    harder and faster than her legs could bear.
    Feeling the cold air blow against her skin,
    she refused to breath.
    She started to suffocate.

    She was masked with the pain and black bruises to her state.
    Her body was beyond broken.
    Stained with red and the fear smelled,
    She gathered herself.

    But still the victim is blamed.
    After all, we live in a world
    where women are told, don’t get raped
    and men aren’t told, don’t rape.