• chinu27 18w


    (Y/N's P.O.V.)

    It's been 2 hours and I am not able to sleep, even in the presence of Taehyung. He was lying down on the bed, right beside me, and was reading one of my novels. Did I mention that I love to read novels?

    "Don't you think it's too late? You should be sleeping."

    "I am sorry, but I am not able to sleep." I said while turning around to face him.

    He nodded a little and then we both looked at each other. God! His features are so beautiful. Is this what all angels look like? I wonder. It seems god took some extra time to make him.

    My thoughts were interrupted when Taehyung coughed a little.

    "I know I am too hard to resist princess."

    I rolled my eyes while he began to laugh. Here, the cocky Taehyung I knew was back.

    I turned the other side and closed my eyes, only to see the flashes of that vampire attack again. My eyes opened immediately while my breathing became heavy.

    Suddenly, I felt a little movement on the other side of the bed. I turned around to see Taehyung's face, which was real close to mine.

    I was about to speak when Taehyung kept his finger on my lips and shook his head.

    "Don't even utter a word."His voice was low but soothing.

    He slid one of his other hand under the blankets, and snaked it around my waist. My eyes widened a little and my heartbeat increased.

    "Do I have this kind of effect on you?" He asked while caressing my cheek. I closed my eyes under his touch and decided to speak nothing.

    "Seems like you don't want to answer my question now. It's okay. I will wait for my answer."

    I smiled a little when his hand reached behind my ear, and he began to caress the skin under my ear with his thumb.

    "Don't go out tomorrow, neither for school nor for anywhere else. It's not safe for you, at least for now."

    I nodded a little. Right now, I didn't want to argue about anything. Something about his touch was melting me inside. It felt so safe and warm like this.

    Slowly, I felt sleep consuming me, taking me to my dreamland.

    (Taehyung's P.O.V.)

    I noticed Y/N sleeping soundly after sometime. There was no doubt that I liked having her by my side. There was something about her, I couldn't ignore. She has a special kind of effect on me, which is hard to resist.

    But right now, my main concern was her safety, and of course, even her friends' and aunt's safety. Charles would definitely be after Y/N by now, especially now that he knows about her.

    If I wasn't a Guardian angel, I would have killed Charles by now. But I can't take the risk of losing my position, or losing anyone else due to the war between me and Charles.

    Never in a million years, can I lose my position, my truly respected position of a highly powerful angel, for someone else.

    But, if it comes to Y/N, will I ever be able to risk that?