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    I've grown a little darker these days. Or maybe I've just been in the shadow so long it's hard to tell which shade I am.

    When I was a kid, my little fingers always had this fascination with those pretty pink shades. Always wondering how clouds would look like cotton candy, if pink. Those moments don't come back, do they?

    When I grew a little older, rainbow was the most fascinating thing I'd come across. No combinations, no contrast. Just few random shades put together, becoming one of the most beautiful making of nature.

    When I reached a stage where nights seemed calmer, I started caressing the darker hues, filling my voids with blacks and greys. Gazing up at the sky, I wanted nothing more than becoming a part of it.

    But now, all I see is how the paint splashes all over the sky, when the sun sets and how I wish I could put it into words. Or how the clouds land on earth just for a moment and how I keep wishing to escape with them. Or how from loving one shade, I've stained the canvas in so many colours that I have lost my hue among them.

    And when the time comes, maybe I'll find it was just one shade I've been chasing all along.

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    @iamjass Hey, I've missed you.
    Writing after a long time. It's not what I wanted, but had to write something.

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    Maybe I'll find it was just one shade I've been chasing all along.