• heartsease 10w

    The brook walked miles like time,
    even when evenings swept in or
    the skies were flooded with orange
    tints, as I scrutinized it on bank,
    leaves fell as soon as I rose up
    with nursery rhymes, little daisies
    kept floating all over when in arms
    of summer I did sank.

    Growing up was tough especially
    when I rejoiced 18th Christmas
    while painting whole sky red with
    acrylics of love and pastels of
    heartbreak ablazing my chest like
    hearth; I wailed in ripples and
    gnawed in hurricanes but fetched
    smiles for the womb which gave
    me birth.

    I've drawn skylines over my walls
    and written thousand letters to the
    city, each time rainbows leaked out
    of clouds so did voids out of me;
    I've harvested scars when clocks
    touched midnight, and raised
    solitary waves when rivers met sea.

    My bare skin has hoarded more
    wrinkles each year as the mirrors
    stopped along parameters being
    trespassed by beauty and youth-
    fulness, I'm sitting in compartment
    of an uncertain transport, waiting
    for graves and wings wrapping me
    in eulogies and broken promises.


    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ❤ ️you've contributed a lot in my growth here

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    I'm blooming out of my own territory
    with a cup of alphabets and spoonful of knowledge,
    swotting stories of Caesar and Cleopatra,
    to raise up the audacity of my envisage.