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    Hello everyone ���� So here is the next part �� I hope you like it ����

    When we were coming out I saw Robin.
    "Why are you here?" Eileen asks.
    "Umm... Since Mr Pieper is absent. So our this period is free."
    "Ok! But why you are standing here in front of girl's washroom?" Eileen asks suspiciously.
    "Umm... I was waiting for you guys. I have no friend in the class that's why."
    "Fine! You can join us!"
    "Kiara, you are ok if I join you guys!"
    "Huh! Ok fine! It has nothing to do with me. You can join us." I said giving a boring look.
    "Why you always talk to me like this? I changed myself for you...?" While we were talking Kristy came running towards us.
    "Kiara! Come with me I have to talk to you about something it's really important! But I want to talk to you alone."
    "Umm... Coming! What happened? Both of you I'm going for sometime. See you after this period.'

    After I went Eileen and Robin were talking to each other. Conversation between Robin and Eileen.
    "What did you just say?" Eileen asks suspiciously.
    "Umm... About what?" Robin replied.
    "That you changed yourself for Kiara!"
    "It's nothing like this. In just flow I said it. I didn't really mean it."
    "You liar! You like kaira right!!"
    "Mmmm.. yehh!! Somehow!"
    "What do you mean by somehow?" Eileen replied angrily.
    "Ok! I like her. Fully from head to toe. That's what you wanted to hear."
    "Mmmm.. when are you going to tell this to her?"
    "Actually, I don't know. Her behaviour scares me! Like the way she talks to me it feel like she is going to kill me."
    "Ahh!! Stupid. Let me think!! I have an idea. I will help you."
    "Really! So sweet of you"
    "Umm... By the way, when you started liking her?"
    "Umm.. when I first saw her in our class when our sections were different. Back then I thought it was because of her looks. But when I went to her home then I got to know that I like her not for her looks but because of her behaviour. She is quite arrogant but is kind hearted.'
    "Ohh!! My. What is it? But how can I believe that you really like Kiara? First show me that you really like her than only I will help you."
    "Okk!! I will show you starting from today only."

    During recess, Eileen and me adding Simone were sitting under a tree since it was too sunny.
    "Ahh!! What a sunny day!" Eileen said wiping her sweat.
    "Umm... It is. Can't do anything!" Simone said.
    "So what's happening in the class? Everything fine, like Tia Thoms don't bother you."
    "Yehh!! She don't do anything as such. But she sticks to Josh a lot. I don't like it."
    "It means you are jealous. You like Josh? Don't you?"
    Eileen said tickling.
    "Ummm... It's nothing like this. I mean not exactly."
    "What do you mean by not exactly?"
    "Ok! I like Josh. But I don't know what he thinks of me." Simone started bragging about it.

    While we were talking I saw Josh and Robin coming towards us.
    "Hello everyone! How it's going in class?" Josh said pointing me and Elieen.
    "Huh!! Nothing! Will get to know it after our exam how it is going!!"
    "Why? After exams?" Robin asks suspiciously.
    "After exams I will know that I am good at studies or not! I mean that William is better than me or not!!" I said giving a sigh.
    "Robin what happened to you? You are talking to Kiara sweetly?" Simone asks.
    "Nothing like that!! What will happen to me. I asked her casually."
    "Huh!! Whatever. Doesn't really matter!! If he changes or not!!" I said giving a boring look.
    "Kiara! Please don't act like this. I'm not that type of person you think, like a rude boy or anything?"
    "Fine! Got you. Don't bother me now!!"

    After recess, it was Mr Pearse's period. In between his lecture one girl comes inside.
    "Good afternoon sir, sorry to disturb you. But, Ms Walsh is calling Kiara right now in her office." The girl says.
    "Kiara, you can go." Mr Pearse says.
    The whole way to her office I was tensed. When I opened the door I saw......
    To be continued.......

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