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    //Pastoral poem// 0211011

    Dedicated to @murryben @love_whispererr

    I couldn't write my unnamed yearnings. Yes, I miss things too much.

    Let me try to make you laugh - l miss my flat tummy (long time ago, I had a flat one)

    Hope you love this. Sorry for not responding to your compliments in my last poem.

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    Over the hills and far yonder
    Where the dove kisses the raven
    Oh, my heart is wont to wander
    Where the earth kisses the heaven

    To the place where the brook is glad
    And the deers plays with a tiger;
    Where the earth is a wholesome bread
    The sound of little feet a thunder.

    Where the sad songs have gone to rest
    Rearranged by souls who reside there,
    Where sweet songs shall perfume our nest
    Beyond the reach of gloom and despair.