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    ~The Boy~
    As I venture near a coldness I fear
    the very winds of time stand still
    a ghostly figure wanders back and forth
    a scene I'm sure many has seen before
    I speak up with a shaky confidence
    I begin to call it by the title we gifted it,Death

    I sense a living being in my presence
    a heartbeat that's not failing
    I turn around to see him him utter a title
    I never liked it but who I am to be choosy
    I spoke with a calm demeanor
    asking this boy why do they linger

    ~The Boy~
    It asked me why I am I here
    I spoke up with my spirit trembling in fear
    Why do you take away what we hold dear?
    Why are you the one that comes to our end?

    I started to answer but I stopped suddenly
    whose this boy to question my very being
    yet I feel like my side should be told
    so I said I was designed to reap souls
    no matter what attachment they have I collect
    it's not out of spite it's just way the game was set

    ~The Boy~
    I stared and consumed his cold answer
    my heart breaking thinking of the lost ones that matter
    I don't know why I'm able to see you
    I was hoping i could get answers from you

    I dont know either little one
    it's not your time for us to meet
    so go back and remember I'm not the enemy

    ~The Boy~
    I left in a confused state
    having awakened from that strange dream
    how sleep is said to be close to death
    I guess through her is how we met

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