• rincythewriter 8w

    I have learned to love myself ...
    I have choose myself over all the other things.
    To care me,when people left me bruised.
    To takecare of myself,while people where scaring me.
    To overcome my fears apart,
    Though painfull,choose my own path.
    Surrender to what I am ...
    To what it is ..
    To be calm and cool.
    Learned to run a km.
    Learned to make an omelate by myself.
    After the trauma it's been so good that I don't take medication anymore .
    I am learning to breathe good
    Learning to eat good..and takecare of my health.
    Learning to ask help if I need .
    Learning to write good.
    Learning to say exactly what I feel.
    Learning to smile at strangers .
    Learning to listen.
    Learning to meditate ..
    And releive anger.
    Afterall ....
    I have learned to understand and love the beings around me...as this life is so good.