• carolynnn 162w

    When Lust beats Love

    You saw her beauty and she sparked your eyes
    And so you wore your charming disguise
    You saw her flowers, not her roots
    But oh how she was such a beaut
    Did you even love her? For your heart moves on so fast
    Did you intentionally not want it to last?
    Your lust consumed you
    And now your dream of her gone too

    I hope you know her heart was fragile
    I guess you saw a prettier face,
    And her image of you she hoped to erase
    You broke her trust in men alone
    But this girl put you on your throne
    Now she realizes what's sad and true
    And in the end there's nothing she can do
    You left her heart to break while you played with another pretty face
    How does it feel?
    You ruined her trust in men alone
    So come down from your "high" throne
    One day you will see your downfall
    And maybe you won't even feel bad at all.
    Real men fall for the mind and heart
    Because they see a women's soul as a piece of art