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    @flame_ 'Nanak dukhiya sabb sansar' (Says Nanak, 'The whole world is in miserable sorrow'). Translated in modern terms, should perhaps read as- ...the whole world is in depression'.

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    Omnipresent depression

    The poor are depressed for lack of wealth,
    the indulgent-rich, yearn for health.
    Stressed workers long for leisure,
    too much leisure is boring without measure.
    Students make excuses to skip schooling,
    in vacation, find home sickening and ailing.
    Achieving goals too early causes disorientation,
    delayed success exhausts patience, causing dejection.
    Life w/o challenges results in disinterest,
    life full of obstacles produces distress.
    Easy fulfillment of all desires dries-up excitement,
    non-fulfillment causes maddening frustration.
    Daily mundane chores cause depression,
    leaving comfort-zone induces nervous resignation.
    Uncertain future makes the anxiety rife,
    future known would take-out the juice of life.
    Some are depressed for lack of freedom,
    excess of liberty has ruined some.
    A few are depressed at relentless competition,
    lack of it fizzles-out motivation.

    A cursory solution seems optimal balance,
    to avoid extremes like deadly poison.
    A balance of riches, workload, struggles,
    and optimum of enjoyment and rewards.
    But the optimal-balance starts troubling soon,
    man wants excitement, balance may go for walk-on-moon !
    Like, with delicious meals served on platter..
    mind wants green-chilli-challenge to flatter.
    Deeper insight is- In widest spectrum of conditions..
    none is content with available options.
    Far-off lands appear lush green,
    own possessions have no sheen.
    Mind long for 'this', give it 'this'..
    now mind wants 'that', arrange for 'that'..
    it changes again the desired object !
    Problem is obviously with fickleness of mind,
    not with conditions of any kind.
    Rather than changing our conditions,
    we need to tackle our monkey-mind.
    Be content with things at hand,
    know that, desires are endless..
    and greenest is our land.
    The deepest solution is control of restless mind,
    like taming a beast of savage kind.
    Control the mind to peace lasting,
    peace provides glimpse of soul lurking.
    Mind lastly merges in its source forever,
    and is teased again by matter never.
    Amen !