• jlaine 12w

    The Daisies at My Bedside

    Do not look at me!
    For your creamy rays, they thieve my thunder,
    The still I've fought against for far too long I now have come to savor,
    For these naked walls, they applaud me as I bide unfazed by those once poignant memories,
    So no, I do not wish to relinquish my gains for some ephemeral pleasure,
    For your hypnotic whorl does not intrigue me,
    Or this room, for that matter, which I've tended so well,
    Comprised of only its barest essentials - a single bed, a task lamp, a well-worn chair, a pair of pillows (one for my lower back), and a writing desk, employed for those uniquely special occasions,
    For this symbiosis, it suits me well, neither stirring nor scathing the other, an added bonus, if you ask me,
    But for you, O you, I will never cease to avert my eyes,
    For you do not warrant an iota of my attention,
    As you too will wane, just as the others,
    And though I may take note, if only for a moment, of the malodorous redolence tugging at my nose hairs,
    It is then I will toss you out for the sham that you are, whom I've always known you to be,
    For beauty never bides past the honeymoon stage,
    So why make the time to permit it?