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    Hello! Dont look at this letter, crumble it and chuck it in the corner of your room. Dont. Please dont. Read.
    Read as much as you can, this letter, books, newspapers, people, words on their t-shirt, ingredients of the pickle kept on the dining table, french, spanish, german, anything; but read.

    If I could come over to you, which believe me l don't want to because you would probably freak out upon seeing me now. No, I dont look like you anymore. I have grown slightly taller, skinny, people tell I look weird and sort of intimidating. My hair is still the same but it is more of red than black. I know, I know you would be like "ewww... red? blue would look better" but I didnt want to bleach or whatever my hair. My eyes now look a little strained with a look of 'I dont give a damn, really' but it still has the innocence of a 12 year old in it if you care to look deep inside. My teeth have grown out pretty well, nothing to worry about sweetheart, no braces too, but the nose is still puny. Believe me, time will work it's miracle on you.

    A gentle reminder...
    You are twelve and your troublesome teens are standing outside your door, ready to pounce and gulp down every ounce of good you have known in this world. You are going to be through hardships, you are gonna have thoughts that convince you that this is the end, that nothing worse than this can happen.

    You are gonna hold blades between your fingers and you are gonna etch 13 perfect straight lines on your wrist signifying your age and you are gonna regret doing what you did. You are gonna apply ointments to heal them and get rid of the scars.

    You are gonna be 14 someday and write a letter which says that it is your last. Darling believe me, that letter is going to be torn and flushed down after a week along with all your tears.

    You are gonna be 15 and fall in love, the kind of love you had imagined, the kind of love you had prayed for, the kind of love that loves you back, the kind of love that looks into your eyes like there is no one else, the kind of love you would want to fall in love with every day and every life. An year you are gonna cherish, and the year that shall come and knock parts of your brain and make you blush like a wild combination of apples, tomatoes and cherries.

    My dear, you will experience your bitter-sweet 16, you are gonna fall in love deeper and deeper, you will go to extents that one does in love and you are gonna go too far. So far that you shall be lost forever. Your world will shatter, people will walk away, no shoulders to lean on, the end of the world it would seem. Drenched pillows. Red eyes. Visits to doctors. Pain - physical, emotional. You shall be through them all.

    This too shall pass, sweetheart. It will. You will be 17. You will be stronger than what you have ever been, a heart stronger than stone, a one of diamond it shall be. It would gleam and shine but deep down it would know all that it has been through, and by now you will learn how to fake a perfect smile.

    The so called responsible 18 shall knock on your door even before you would realize it, days would pass quick in queues for the formal legal documents that you would need, you shall no more be a juvenile and would be responsible for all your actions. Scary, isn't it?

    The last teen - 19 will pass with an eye blink and you are going to be super busy trying to strike off all the things from your bucket list before you tatter from your teens.

    You are going to be 20, 21, and 22 and write this letter to yourself one day and silently pray that it never reaches you because darling all that you are going to go through is going to make you.


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    If someone ever creates a time machine,
    kindly go back to 2009
    and give this to the
    12 year old me.

    Or, maybe don't.


    - meroenix