• sereiin 30w

    I brush my lips across yours and you whimper while you smile your guilt away and we fold into each other's arms like lovers that meet after the war.

    I trace your smiles, the curves on your body, the taste of your blood and the chills of your body against mine and follow them like a madman in search of the home knowing that there is a part of me that is going to love you so much you'd think the sky just split apart caressing every inch of your skin with the stardust and smiles and lift your sadness that lives inside your hollow bones and kiss it a goodbye while you plant kisses on my scars like poetries and mouth a hundred eulogies to love.

    A hundred poems are written across the skyline you borrow your words from and I keep burying myself in your poetries too often chasing metaphors and smiling at your soft lies.

    You say I love you with every breath and I keep hearing it over and over again like the mixtapes you made me last summer. They are dipped in sugar-coated warm shame and I keep licking it off mistaking it be love. Maybe I'll catch diabetes, maybe I'll die in love.
    If death isn't the easy way out of love what is?

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