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    While we were studying my phone rings. It was from Yasmeen.
    "What's up Girl!! Everything fine?" She asks me.
    "Umm.. Till now everything fine!!"
    "What do you mean by 'till now' anything happened?"
    "Nahh!! Nothing like this. Actually, Ms Walsh called me today. She asked me personally to participate in the debate competition. So, I'm quite confused as she never asked me for anything after the 8th standard incident."
    "That's obvious. She still thinks that you are wrong. Don't take tension. What are you doing right now."
    "Studying! What else can I do? That too with Robin!!" I make a bad face in front of Robin.
    "Okk!! Then study call you later. See you soon!!"

    When the phone hangs, Robin sees me narrowing his eyes.
    "What happened? Why are you seeing me like this??"
    "Why did you make a face while you were telling her about me."
    "Ahh!! That. That's my wish, whatever I want to do."
    "You are... Nothing."
    "What do you mean? By the way, you came here to study, then study." I said angrily.
    "May I ask you one question? Don't say no!"
    "Mmmm... Ask!"
    "Adam is your best friend and he is not with you. That's why you are sad everytime!!"
    "Ummm... Who said this."
    "Eileen told me about this. But can you promise me one thing."
    "What is it? Don't ask any nonsense."
    "Please make me your friend. I promise I won't make you angry."
    "Ummm... What happened to you? Why are you asking me this? You are already my friend."
    "You think me as your friend? I thought you didn't!!"
    "You are unpredictable. No one can understand you. Want to have chocolate?"
    "Yumm... Yeh!"
    "Aishhh!! Don't make a face like dog."
    When I came back from kitchen. I saw that there were no books on study table where we were studying.
    "Why did you pack up! Don't want to study more?"
    "Ahh!! It's too much for me. Done for the day. Let's eat chocolate."
    "Umm... Take it. It's dark chocolate but it is bitter." I said warning him.
    "Ohhh!! It taste so bad. It's bitter!!"
    "I said you. You didn't listen to me."
    "Bring me something sweet. Fast!!"
    "Aishh!! Wait a bit." I went to kitchen and brought an ice cream.
    "Have it. Idiot brat!!"
    "Now it feels so good. You really have a bad taste!!" He said shouting on me.
    "You idiot! Don't blame me. And why are you shouting on me. I warned you. And talking about my choice then I have a good taste of things." I said angrily.
    "Umm... Sorry. Calm down, I'm sorry."
    "Stupid brat!! Now have ice cream nonetheless it will melt down."
    "By the way, what happened between you and Ms Walsh? That 8th standard incident?? What is it?? Tell me I won't tell anyone!!"
    "What do you mean by not going to tell anyone. Everyone in the school know about it!!"
    "Oh!! But I don't know. I joined school this year only. Please tell me."
    To be continued.......

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