• inked_selenophile 9w

    When I think about you
    I can't help but smile
    Smile at the strength, which your words give!

    Never a single day goes
    without thinking about you!
    The charm you hold in my heart,
    in my whole little world is inexpressible, Sanam
    I always feel blessed to cherish our bond!

    At times when it is hard for me
    to put me back together,
    I always sought your help and
    you have been very supportive!
    Thank you for understanding my silence too!

    If there is anything that
    I have learned from you a lot is kindness!
    You do seem hard
    but when a person talks to you
    damn you can melt their heart man!

    You leave the feeling of love and strength
    which drives the corner of hope to heal!
    You provide moments of
    deep encouragement my love!

    Today it is your birthday,
    my special one my dush

    I wish you a journey of love, healing,
    happiness and health!
    May Allah demonstrate unconditional love to you!

    All I wish just once in my life is
    to meet you hug you and tell you
    "you are special to me"

    And I want you to remember one thing
    I am always with you
    And I know you will stick with me too!

    I moooooooon you, Dush,♡☽

    Embedding molten rays of hope,
    tangling it with the clouds and
    growing petals even in the harshness
    the SUN delicately indicated your birthday

    Resting softly on the horizon
    bidding a bye, the sun fell in love
    while glimpsing stars which
    whispered about you to the moon!

    When darkness stirred the sky,
    the moon holding your everlasting
    poetic essence enlighted a shine
    and expressed blessings for you!

    ~ with love from moonie

    THIS MOON GIRL LOVES YOU ♡☽ @fromwitchpen

    Bhai bhao bhaiiiii aur ek baat yeh teko pata fir bhi sunle tu AAAAAAAAGGGGGG likhti hai bey ��
    12.00 ko neendh lag gayi thi ��

    Indian wish lol

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    To equally pen a poem,
    about the beauty of your heart,
    I must ask the moon to wrap itself on the blank page!