• muskaanbhatt_ 28w

    Exams, every student's headache ��

    My rule for exams be like: I will start studying from the start of session or I will start studying the whole session a day before the exam day, but I will never study from the middle of the session, sorry, for me there's no in between ��‍♀️��

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    Days when we can't sleep
    In tension we silently weep

    Thinking if everything will be tough in paper
    To overcome that we do hard labour

    Eating less and worrying like crazy
    Praying and wishing that examiner should be lazy cum hazy

    Thinking of studying very hard
    To get some marks and good regard

    As always opposite happens
    We study little and imagine highest marks

    A day before deadline we surrender every question
    Avoiding teacher's guess, we follow friend's

    As the exam day encounters
    We try to write every answer like an all rounder

    Finishing the exam and later checking the question paper
    A big smile appears on face after knowing on result day, we will be safer