• charvy 29w

    I expected,
    And it hurted
    And it still hurts
    The pain goes from my heart to head
    It's unbearable
    The way it makes me feel
    Suddenly I become sick upto my stomach
    The way that tear never comes out
    And just sits there
    It hurts
    When I feel like I want someone
    To lay my head on
    And cry
    Cry until it stops hurting
    You know how much I wanna shout
    In your ears so you listen
    You know how invisible I feel
    How empty I feel
    I hope you realise that
    I feel used
    You know that feeling when you don't wanna wakeup in the morning
    You just wish that you die in your sleep
    So its less painful
    It hurts
    And it is still hurting...